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Hit Rate And Its Relation To Online Slot Games

The Hit rate is a popular and well-known term in slot games. This article will guide you with all the information related to this term and its importance to online slot games.

If you have started playing online slots recently, you might have heard about the term “Hit Rate.” It is important to a game’s winning possibilities and can help you understand a particular slot game better. Interested to know? Here is a brief guide related to Hit rate and its importance in online slots.

What is the Hit Rate?

The hit rate is the possibility or probability of hitting a winning reel for the first time while playing the game. In other words, it describes how frequently one stands a chance to win the jackpot or a major reward.

For example, consider a joker slot game with a hit rate of 30%. This means you have a 30% probability of hitting the jackpot or any major reward while gambling. In simple terms, if you placed 100 bets on the slot, you have a chance of winning 230 rewards while playing a total of 100 rounds in that particular slot game.

How to find the hit rate of a slot game?

As a player, if you want to win better, you need to emphasize the hit rate of a particular slot you are choosing. Here are the ways to assume the range of hit rate of an online slot game.

RTP of the game

If a slot game has higher RTP, the game has better hit rates. This means the player will get more chances of winning a reward while playing the game. So, it is always better to choose high RTP games to win more. With an RTP of more than 93%, slot games have the highest chance of shooting the jackpot.

Slot volatility

There is a direct and close connection between slot game hit rate and volatility. Furthermore, these two factors have a reverse proportional relation.

In other words, if a slot game has low volatility, it has higher hit rates. Thus, you have a higher chance of winning a reward. On the contrary, if a slot game comes with high volatility, it has lower hit rates. Hence, you have less chance of hitting the jackpot or winning while playing the game.

It is always better to choose a low volatile slot game for having better chances of winning rewards.

The bonus frequency

As an intelligent plate, you also need to check out the bonus frequency of an online slot game. This is because the bonus frequency is closely connected to the reward amount. In other words, the bonuses can help you to win bigger. Hence, having a clear idea about the bonus frequency can help you determine its range of hit rate Cyberbingo.

If a game offers multiple bonuses, the chances are that it will come with a better hit rate than other games with fewer bonuses.


Having a clear idea about the hit rate helps gamblers find the ideal game based on their bankroll strategy. In addition, players also need to take risks and analyze other possible factors to maximize the hit rate of the slot they are playing. 

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