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Esports And It’s Future As A Potential Sport

Do you know why Esports is considered a sport? If not, then let this article enlighten you about it.

Regular sports like football, cricket, and hockey Esports is getting recognized as a sport by the world. However, it has been years since Esports came into the spotlight. It was because gamers saw the potential to make a career. However, it won’t be wrong to say that Counter-Strike Global offensive was the game that revolutionized the way people used to see games.

This is because of the sheer impact it had on the competitive scene of Esports, as well as it was the sole reason for the introduction of betting in Esports. If you are interested in knowing more about Esports betting, you can refer UFABET. It is a Thailand-based gambling website and is trusted by many worldwide.

Reasons Why Esports is Considered a Sport

Before getting to the good part, we should know the meaning of sports. Sports is said to be any competitive physical activity that needs the application of certain skills. So, if we go with this statement, here are the reasons why Esports is considered a sport-

  1. Skill application

As mentioned earlier, a sport is any competitive activity that needs physical prowess and certain skills. So going with this, we know that Esports is just like other sports like football, where the player needs to have and use certain skills like good passing and many more to outperform his opponents. This is the first point where Esports qualifies to be a sport. Some of the skills that an Esports player needs to have.

  • Able to multitask
  • Self-critical to push his limits and improve himself.
  • Good communication skills with your team members are very much needed
  • Competitive Environment

You might ask what the most famous sports are; the right answer is football. We know that football is a competitive game, and teams often play in different leagues and tournaments so that they can outperform their opponents and come up as the winner. It also happens in Esports, as the teams compete in a competitive tournament to prove themselves to be superior and can come out as the winner.

  • Physical Training

 If I say physical training is essential in online gaming, one might say there is no need for physical training as gamers only sit and move their mouse. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg as professional gamers have to practice many physical requirements such as good posture and daily physical exercises.

Acceptance of Esports in Asian Games and Other Sports Associations

When the news broke out, a mobile esports title, PUBG mobile, and many other games were being added to the list of Asian games. It is a huge step ahead for the Esports community, as different sports competitions recognize Esports as a sport.

At Tokyo Olympics in 2021, there was an event where a virtual competition was held before the Olympics. This was not an esports competition, but definitely, good news.

The increase in the popularity of online games is undeniable. No one ever thought that gaming could be a career choice. There are plenty of reasons why esports should be considered a sport, and it is also supported by the fact that big sports tournament hosting associations like Asian Games have recognized esports as a sport.

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