Sunday, June 23

Impact on Family and Friends because of Gambling

In a study, it is proved that there are more than 6 million dollars that a community of people spent every year in gambling and this clearly shows that how much people are addicted to it. This is one of the things that can take an individual as well as a company into panic and they are not able to make the normal things. As there are many groups who constantly try to make people aware of this addiction but still there is a huge community of it.

Not only the individual but his family also suffer from problems that occur due to lack of money and the nature of a person is highly affected by the gambling as the person becomes irritating and do arguments all the time. The calls from moneylenders and loan EMI actually break down the relationships. The pressure and stress caused to the individual will actually make the situation worse for the family of the individual.


Children’s are the major members of the family who are highly affected by this problem like if their parent is suffering from this addiction then they face heavy abandonment from the parents whether it is vocal or physical. In some of the cases, parents become aggressive after losing a game in gambling and pull out all their anger on the children. If the parents are in tension then this thing also affects the children very much. Some of the children get the habit of gambling from their parents and they follow it later in their lives and in this way the individual destroys their life along with his children.

Some of the things that an individual can face if he is doing gambling:

  • Lack of employment or job– In most cases, it is found that the people who gamble are likely to be unemployed and cannot have money to feed their children and family.
  • Increment in alcohol intake– According to the studies it is proved that gambling is directly linked with the alcoholic content and the scientific reason behind is the alcohol can relax the body.


With the final words, we conclude that in this article we have discussed the gambling and its impacts on the family of an individual. Along with the problems, we have also discussed some of the unusual behaviors that you can see in an individual who gambles.

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