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Some Interesting things to know about poker

Poker is the game, which is known to be a very popular game among the gamblers. There are many versions of this game available and many interesting things are there to know about it. In this article, we will tell you some of the very interesting things about this game.

The longest game ever held

If someone asks you to tell you about any game which ran longer and longer, which game could you tell about and how long would be the duration of it? The thing which I am going to tell you is almost unbelievable but true. According to a famous big theatre company, a poker game was played in the year 1881. If the report is to be true, the game lasted for more than eight years. This was the really very long duration which nobody can ever imagine but it really happened according to them.

Origin of Texas Hold’em poker

We all know that one of the most popular and most played versions of poker is texas hold’em poker but don’t know how it is connected with it. So let me tell you that the first texas was played in the Robstown of south texas. In 2007 texas was recognized as the birthplace of Texas Hold’em poker. The game was moving far and far very fast all around the world before it actually made its way to Las Vegas. Now the game is very popular not just in Texas and Las Vegas but all over the world as Texas Hold’em poker.

Four players and 20 cards

We all know that the minimum one deck is required to play any poker game or any other game but it was not like this always. Earlier the poker was not played with 52 was played just with 20 cards. Now we can play this game with many players altogether but that time, only four players were allowed to play this game. The betting system was also not the same as it is at present. Earlier, the first betting was done by the person, who had got the best hand at that time.


Above we got to know some interesting things about this game. There are many more interesting things yet to explore in this game. Once you start playing it and develop some curiosity about it, just search them all on the web to know more about this game.

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