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Things that have changed in online poker for the last 10 years

Here are the differences between poker 10 years ago and kingpoker99 idn poker. See how poker game has changed during the last decade.

Poker is one of the first casino games that appeared on the global online gambling market. Through the years it has been followed by the massive wave of online slots, the appearance of completely new casino products and even hybrid games. But poker remained as the king in the gambling world. And somehow almost no one doubts that this will ever change.

However, even though it’s been still on the top, poker cannot remain unchanged. In this long way of keeping the highest position on the chart for top preferred casino games, poker has been modernized, modified and affected by lots of circumstances, including the audience. It’s interesting to have a look behind and see what poker was then and what poker is nowadays. And it’s enough to go only 10 years ago to assure that poker has been changed a lot.

Check out some of the things that have changed in online poker for the last one decade:

  1. There are about 100 times more poker software providers and poker websites for online real money playing. In the past, there were only websites like PokerStars, which still exists, but today, we have literally an enormous amount of extra new and fresh platforms such as kingpoker99 idn to choose from. The developers in the field of gambling create more poker games, too.
  2. Learning resources are nowadays quite more and this helps us to become better players faster than before. If you are a beginner in the field today, you will read a couple of poker-oriented websites and get ready in a week to start this challenge. However, 10 years ago, such blogs and forums were limited in number. Most of the poker novices counted only on books. There’s nothing bad in reading books, of course, but unfortunately, 10 years ago these papers presented old-fashioned trends that could not fit the new reality.
  3. The today’s poker player is more creative and smarter. In the past, the most attractive thing a poker pro could do was to bluff like a master. Today, the best poker players don’t even bother to bluff. They believe this is an old-fashioned method all people know and it doesn’t even work so well. Instead, we meet amazing new strategies and tactics that could blow our mind. Poker creativity is something that has been changing every single day since the existence of the game, but when the game is so accessible in the web, the rate of this progress becomes huger.

This is now. Poker is different. And we cannot disagree that poker will remain the same in 10 years. Just try to imagine what it would be a century later…!

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