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Top casino games played by mobile users

Here are the top played games in Melbet mobile app. Find out what mobile casino users love to the most.

There’s one big change in the world of online gamblers. And it is obvious, logical and very straightforward – online players have started using their smartphones and tablets to play casino games at any time and at any place they want to. The mobile gambling industry has been moving in a parallel with the growth of the mobile users, which is why today, save for the old but gold mobile browser versions, we see more and more professionally made mobile casino apps. The good news is that all of them are free and what’s even better – they work quite more smoothly and bug-free rather than the classical browser mobile platforms.

Even though there are still players who believe that it’s not safe to play casino games via a mobile device, the reality is completely different. With the appearance of casino applications such as Melbet mobile app it’s now less possible to experience a bug or disconnection issues while playing via an app rather than via a mobile website. And the applications, on the other side, hide lots of benefits the browser versions cannot brag about – live notifications, expert layout of the platform, full coverage of the supported games and etc.

Speaking of the supported games, have you got any idea what the most preferred casino products by the mobile users are? Do you know what the majority of casino lovers who play via their mobile phones and tablets are – the slot players or the poker pros? Let’s find out?

Check out the top casino games that are played by the mobile users – mainly via applications such as Melbet mobile app:

  1. Poker. We have witnessed that the poker players with a mobile phone at hand become more and more. To be honest with you, according to some stats the mobile casino users are mainly poker players. What we also see is that the tendency for many companies to provide specially tailored applications concretely for the poker players.
  2. Slots. Just like in desktop gambling industry, the mobile gambling business registers a huge interest to slots by the international audience. Slots are very liked mainly because they are super easy to be understood and learnt. Plus – when you register in a casino and get a welcome bonus, you are usually gifted with some cash plus with a pack of free spins. Who would reject some free bets?
  3. Baccarat. In most cases, the game is preferred by the live dealer casino lovers. Today, we are living in a total breakthrough of the mobile casino providers who are expert enough to give us more and more mobile-friendly live games with real dealers. As to the customers, they usually prefer Baccarat when entering the live section in a mobile app. Who knows, maybe, James Bond still has some influence in the sphere of gambling…!

What about you? What’s your favorite casino game you usually play to kill some time and earn extra cash with your smartphone?

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